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In foreign exchange markets trading in Asia, the euro was slightly lower against the dollar and yen

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In Vienna on Saturday, regional and European leaders, along with the United States and Russia, agreed to press the various factions they back in Syria's civil war to come together no later than Jan

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The Saudis have pushed strongly for the ouster of Assad and have funded his foes

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No matter how you feel about the single-player experience for Halo 5: Guardians, its place as the Xbox family’s standard-bearer is secure

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Lawrence has mainly played strong women

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Those facets of English rugby have been handled properly

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I already knew the answers but needed to hear his confirmation.

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Butler saved the Patriots in the Super Bowl against the Seahawks with his last-second end zone interception of Russell Wilson

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If a southern-hemisphere head coach is appointed the RFU must at least ensure that his assistant is English and is groomed as a successor.

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It's a very recognisable situation for you and for me and the coldblooded aspect of this slaughter is deeply disturbing and that's what I can't get out of my head.

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In addition, more than 100 water basins that are dependent on the snow deposits across the northern hemisphere are at the risk of running dry

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They say they should now be able to do a study in humans to check for the safety of the vaccine

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At Saturday night's Democratic presidential debate in Iowa, Vermont Sen

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As the first CBS replay aired, Jim Nantz set the stage

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Under Kezia Dugdale’s leadership, the Scottish Labour Party has autonomy

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Reese Witherspoon looked fresh as a daisy as she stepped out here with her three children

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Since that point, in 2011, he has not had input into the national team and has been doing a different job capably.

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The Syrian document was registered in October in Serbia and Croatia, two countries on the corridor crossing the Balkans.

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"You can have a thousand people come in and 999 of them are just poor people fleeing oppression and violence, but one of them is an ISIS fighter

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"Being #BlackOnCampus means you're beloved in brochures & 'diversity' campaigns, but isolated & disregarded in campus access & equity," tweeted Ernest Owens, a journalist in Philadelphia

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My only theory at this point is that Virgil holds Kevin responsible for the girls’ disappearance and took the opportunity to take revenge on him

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Belgium's PM Charles Michel said the country has increased its terror threat level from 2 to 3 at big sporting and cultural events

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He attended a hackathon and his team came up with a Facebook-based app: AskMeOut

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senator, on the day in April when she announced formally she was running.

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“If we don’t remain united they will win.”

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Giuliani gave the Council an unprecedented 75% pay raise as a bribe so they’d allow him to give himself a 50% pay raise and his cronies up to 150% pay raises

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goldfutures rose more than 1 percent.

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Once described by the President as the jay-vee of terrorism, the pretenders to a caliphate are gaining strength and extending their reach - hindered little by pinprick U.S

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All three of the big benefits managers have quit doing business with Philidor

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In Saturday night's Democratic presidential debate, which began with a moment of silence for the Paris victims, all three candidates — former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sen

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By all accounts, he was a talker

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Always be sure to select a nice sample of items, and then move away from the serving table so other guests can enjoy.

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But Henrique realised that men and women (or was it boys and girls?) were using the app in different ways: while women were more choosy, men used to click on most of their female contact list

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Tim Peake pointed out to me what looked like the largest, a module that acts as a social focal point for the astronauts to gather in every evening.

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Rain initially delayed the start almost seven hours and turned a day race into a showcase under the lights, and Earnhardt inherited the lead when Kevin Harvick made a routine pit stop.

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Often in the past, fearful governors and mayors let long periods of time pass between hikes, ultimately necessitating big hits to straphangers

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