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He and his family make a melodramatic escape over a mountain into Switzerland.

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Seal them off now, allow unarmed people to evacuate to a repatriation centre, launch assaults on those who choose to stay and fight, then level the entire neighborhood.

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Rosneft has suspended drilling in Arctic Kara Sea in 2014after Exxon withdrew from the project because of Westernsanctions over the Ukraine crisis

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‘We are one world and one family

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Later in the night he tweeted out an apology to Amundson, "I apologize @LouAmundson17 My frustration on last night’s game got to me

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A different mix of phytoplankton species will take up different amounts of carbon dioxide – which could result in even further changes to the ocean’s carbon cycle

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For the Delmarva Peninsula fox squirrel, translocating individuals from areas of higher to lower squirrel density gave rise to 11 new, thriving populations.

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Schneiderman's people argue his job is to enforce state law that makes sports gambling sites illegal in New York

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In an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit, an anonymous McDonald's manager has confirmed the existence of the fast food chain's so-called secret menu

coumadin diet

But this year's Stanford team is very different from prior versions

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And then, as often happened, Rodebaugh landed on his feet

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It costs about $500 for a 30-day supply.

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SLOWED DOWN: It has been a precipitous decline for a quick-strike offense that was once the envy of the NFL

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Automobile dealerships registered 0.5 percent decline in sales during October compared to 1.4 percent rise in September.

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He pledged to save the New York City Housing Authority and even keep ailing and inadequate hospitals from failing.

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to Europe to Asia, companies are cramming their messaging apps to be one-stop-shops for everything

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For Parfimerija Sava is not just a shop but a living museum - and its own small story reflects the recent history of Belgrade and of Serbia.

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The lives and well-being of Americans now hang more than ever on stepped-up, proactive vigilance, and nowhere more so than in New York

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"I know of parents who had spent months appealing to the government for help from social workers as they saw their child was behaving strangely

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Mr Widodo, commonly referred to as Jokowi, is considered an outsider after becoming the first Indonesian president not to have climbed the ranks of the political elite

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The Hopkins patient, who wasn't identified, returned from a three-month family trip to India with a high fever

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You'd begin to compromise in different ways."

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Don’t be fooled by conservatives’ histrionics over President Obama’s decision to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline (“Kudos on Keystone call,” Nov

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ME/CFS has robbed me of my life and career but I'm optimistic about recovery and remain hopeful that a medical breakthrough may come soon

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Russia has grounded Airbus A321 jets flown by the Kogalymavia airline, Interfax news agency reported, after one of its fleet crashed in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 people on board

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The Bataclan already had a storied history, opening its doors on Paris' Right Bank in 1865

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"It's already clear wildlife is being killed by this mud," said Klemens Laschesfki, professor of geosciences at the Federal University of Minas Gerais

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The main poster simply featured a couple of hats.

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Our assessment at present, monitoring a range of asset markets, is that there are no signs of generalised overvaluations in the euro area

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Not that it should have mattered, because on the first play of Brady’s final drive, Collins should have sealed the game

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The head coach also said after last week’s loss that he didn’t feel his team had regressed

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We speak to Chris Morling of and take a look at what MBOs mean for business

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Markets in the Middle East, which trade on Sunday, were hit hard, though part of that decline was due to last week's drop in oil prices

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The monarch butterfly’s multigenerational cycle depends on fresh water, nectar, and milkweed.

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He shared a handshake with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who he has differed with on the way to resolve the conflict

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If the Giants had run the ball and not scored, New England would have either used its last timeout or waited until to call it until after the two-minute warning

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Fitzgerald had 10 catches for 130 yards, his most receptions since Week 14 of 2013, and Michael Floyd had two big touchdown receptions in the first half

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But all the insurance and all the coverage is the same, so, in that situation, you can really pick by price when you’re in that sleeve,” she says

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The researchers say their study "provides proof-of-principle evidence that a vaccine targeting PCSK9 can effectively lower lipid levels and work synergistically with statins"

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and European allies has wanted Turkey to use a system thatis compatible with NATO's air defence.

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Supreme Court spokesman Theodore Te said after the court closed for the day that he had not received any word of a ruling.

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Bad timing, bad weather, tricky family dynamics, and fretful toddlers can make taking the annual group portrait decidedly un-merry.

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Workers wheel Roy Lichtenstein's "Nurse" through an emptied auction room following an auction where it sold for $95,365,000.00 at Christie's in Manhattan, New York November 9, 2015

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Why the discrepancy? Simply put, it's a matter of optimization

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Syrian refugees have a better chance of getting asylum in Germany than those classified as economic migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan.

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