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Energy & Environment


Biosystems Engineering Ltd is closely linked to its activities in Energy Management and has been the lead contractor on a project to bring a new pyrolysis technology to Europe and specifically to Ireland. It won this contract from significant UK competition, secured the location, the planning and licensing permissions for this project and now the first Thermofuels plant for processing waste plastic into synthetic diesel in Europe is currently being developed in Ireland. BioE Ltd has overseen the installation and further development of this technology with licensing opportunities throughout Europe.

In addition, BioE Ltd has carried out supply strategies evaluation for the delivery of specified quality feedstock to energy plants from single and multiple land use systems. The best feedstock infrastructure technologies that was necessary to meet the economic price targets, while assuring an economically sustainable venture for all stakeholders, i.e., growers, equipment manufacturers, and bio refinery processors was determined, selected and validated. Developing costed feedstock supply logistical models for this project was made possible thanks to BioE Ltd experience in developing models to evaluate the various possible scenarios for the environmental sector.

Environment & Renewable Energy

BioE Ltd is involved in significant research into the energy recovery, energy management, LCA, biodiesel production, biomass resource assessment, GIS and GPS and biofuel supply chain design and optimisation. The company's success has been based on the application of researched solutions which are tuned and modified to suit client companies.
The areas covered include:

  • Carrying out field trials on biomass assessment
  • Calculation of biomass resources
  • Development of biomass feedstock production system
  • Development of a web-based biomass feedstock Decision Support System
  • Dissemination activities
  • Development of a national database on feedstock volumes
  • Development of Thermofuels systems for recovery of stretch film plastic in to Synthetic diesel


Nova UCD, Belfield Innovation Park,
University College Dublin, Dublin 4, Ireland