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The attack, which wounded 12 other civilians, took place close to the provincial prison, he said.
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Peyton finally broke the record on Denver's next possession, but that would be just about all there was to smile about in that game
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Scioli, the governor of Buenos Aires province, has been endorsed by President Cristina Fernandez
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Courser resigned just before the House was about to expel him
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The state's Democratic Party and Cuyahoga and Montgomery county parties took its place
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Will the real China please stand up? In the US media, most stories about China raise questions that amount to threat-mongering
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In addition, Vodafone is also reacting to the changing landscape of UK media, with the company now offering a broadband service in the UK as well as the scope for a pay-tv service
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She played a character named Sally Silicone.
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The Knicks (5-6) had dropped their previous two games because they couldn’t hold a late lead, with Seraphin logging a combined three minutes off the bench
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New Orleans (1-9) had two possessions in the final two minutes with a four-point deficit, but Jrue Holiday missed an open runner and Eric Gordon bricked a 3-point attempt.
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“But there are so many pieces and so many different parts of your team that sometimes players don’t really have the confidence they should have
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Manila's busiest thoroughfares will be narrowed by exclusive lanes for the convoys of officials
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Via Catalan public media the nationalists had manipulated public opinion, creating a false sense of grievance amongst Catalans and the impression that the Spanish state was "anti-Catalan".
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"As more and more people realise the value of Bitcoin, the speed of its transaction and the low cost, they are more inclined to use it
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“The reality is even the best intelligence will not stop a determined enemy that adapts to our defenses,” Rep
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There is simply no ward like home
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7, according to a Serbian police statement
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Unfortunately, the growth rate of potential output in the advanced economies appears to have decreased in the recent years
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TRAVEL ISSUES: Qantas Airways fell 1.7 percent, recovering an earlier bigger fall
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He did not appear to be embarrassed, and there were no adverse remarks from his audience
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We'd have street parties and we would sit out into the early evenings."
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Airlines, hotel groups and luxury brands were heaviest hit
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Hovercraft maintained some of their early glamour, featuring in James Bond films
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"We're picking up people from all over the United States," said Burman-Holtom, who has a job teaching at an online university in Maryland
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If you suffer from hay fever, make sure you have an adequate supply of your chosen medication," said ASI chief executive, Sharon Cosgrove.
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It has a very long history of being a niche, not a mainstream thing.
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(Butler) came in and late and knocked it out after I felt like it was already a catch
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Sign up now for a digital only subscription to omaha.com for just $25.00 a month
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It is essential that its absurd theological propaganda, championing a medieval concept of violent jihad, is exposed as totally non-Koranic.
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He will be represented by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev
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The death toll from the terror attacks in Paris has risen to 129 and the number of wounded — to 352
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Brave young people who spoke in favour of a yes vote faced further challenges when they became the basis of the No campaign’s arguments, which many found deeply distressing
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In each case, the groups taking part might be different to those who chose not to — potentially influencing the results
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The CSI300 index of the largestlisted companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen rose 0.5 percent whilethe Shanghai Composite Index gained 0.7 percent.
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Candace Liger, another co-founder of OKC Artists For Justice, says that they have a contact within the group of alleged victims who are aware and appreciative of their actions
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Who hasn't absentmindedly reached up to tap their computer screen, only to feel embarrassed and maybe a little disappointed?
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After all, Microsoft and its retailer friends are making a very big push for the 2-year-old console, which has generally struggled against the PlayStation 4
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Frenchairports operator ADP also fell 3.8 percent, whileEurotunnel fell 4.5 percent.
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Makes you wonder — especially if you own Roethlisberger — why he didn’t start to begin with.
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But when word leaked shortly before his normal weekly meeting with his players, Pinkel decided he had no choice but to let them know his intentions.
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The financial sector, mainly banks and insurers, should bounce back quickly because they make more money when rates are higher than they have been
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We moderate all comments on Herald Scotland on either a pre-moderated or post-moderated basis
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6 seed, while the Jets are on the outside looking in.
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The Paris attacks have elevated national security in the presidential contest
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"We can't expect every week to just come out and have things go our way and roll out," Patriots receiver Matthew Slater said
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This is certain to be welcomed by business users, but raises the question of why this option wasn't extended to Home and Pro users too
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The big price action on financial markets last week was observed in the commodity markets
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Pembroke Consulting estimated that the number of accredited specialty pharmacies would jump by nearly 100 to a total of 250 in 2015.
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The Cardinals held Seattle on its next possession and Ellington added the punctuation, sprinting down the sideline on a third-down run to cap Arizona's big night.
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This is one of the key terms of the loans.
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The Giants have no one to blame but themselves.
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Yet, one can't but notice how countries (just as people) around the world are sometimes willing to go the distance to enhance their prestige and self-image
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When the Giants had a first and goal at the five with 2:06 remaining and New England down to one timeout, offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo sent in a running play
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One government official said ADAK would be allocated some funding.
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Ted Cruz told Fox News from his “rally for religious liberty” in Greenville, S.C.
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City Education officials said the huge increase in kids who met state art standards was partially due to better tracking
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The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has developed a lithium-ion battery with a graphite-coated anode that can withstand the stresses of incredibly fast charges
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One possibility is that they have identified an inflection point in the Russian decision to join the fray in Syria two months ago
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Obama wants to coax other European and Middle Eastern countries into more tangible steps to show their military commitment
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Teubner said France was her great adventure.
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As the Daily Mail puts it, he was "waved into Europe posing as Syrian refugee", on arrival on the Greek island of Leros.
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Retail sales excluding automobiles, gasoline, building materials and food services rose 0.2 percent after a 0.1 percent gain in September
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REUTERS/Lisa Marie Williams/Pool
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